Tuesday, November 15, 2011

She's nothing if not the voice of social consciousness

Grandma Looney finds herself to be something of a liberal... in her own way...

On homosexuality: Grandma Looney found herself chatting with the father of a girl who went to high school with Grandma Looney's kids. The conversation turned to how the kids are doing... Well, turns out, one of this guy's daughters turned out to be gay ("you know, a lesbian") and the father had unfortunately gotten some negative comments from friends over the years.  Grandma Looney found this outrageous! After all, as she told him (and me): "I can't imagine why. Last time I saw her, she looked much better than she ever did in high school. Had her hair all cut and done nice. It was kind of stringy straight in high school. She looks good now."

This is akin to her friend at work who is black. Now, this woman, presumably because she is a friend, can be referred to as black... said out loud... as opposed to someone she doesn't know, who is [mouth the word "black"... don't say it out loud]. Plus, this woman at work, "she's real pretty..."

Bottom line: As long as you look good doing it....

Oh, let's not forget the Orient-... I mean... Asians.  After all, "My friend's daughter works for the Justice Department and she says you can't say 'Oriental' anymore..."

And her friend's daughter is cute, so she must know what she's talking about...

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